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So, picture this: you and your boo are all cozy in bed, getting all hot and bothered, and you’re so pumped about getting to that big O. But right as things are about to go down, it’s like something’s just not clicking. So picture this: you and your boo are all cozy in bed, getting all hot and bothered, and you’re so pumped about getting to that big O. But right as things are to go down, it’s like something’s just not clicking. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to hit that peak of pleasure. You’re definitely not the only one in this pickle.

Honey, it’s nothing to be upset about, women have a much harder time having an orgasm compared to men. While every ejaculation in men is an orgasm that comes easily, women need constant stimulation in many ways. Obviously fulfilling this condition during sex is not easy, so female sex toys come in handy. Below we’ll share some tips and tricks to help women who have never experienced an orgasm feel the ultimate pleasure.

Explore Your Body

The first rule is to treat the right sensations. You must first get to know your body and try out which sensations give you pleasure, and masturbation is the best way to learn all about this. Use your fingers or try a sex toy like the rosetoy, a rose shaped clitoral suck toy, to stimulate your sensitive areas, varying the speed, pressure and technique from time to time to feel the different sensations and see which one you prefer. Remember the saying: the better you know your body, the easier it is to orgasm.

Explore the body’s sensitive areas

Listen, the genitals aren’t the only erogenous zone in your body, it’s just the most obvious one. In addition to your genitals, things like your anus, nipples, ears, inner thighs, neck, and back can be your erogenous zones. During your foreplay with your partner, try to tease these sensitive areas with gentle stroking, nibbling, and kissing; maybe you won’t be interested in all of them, but at least you can find one or two that bring you pleasure. On top of that, you can also add glass or metal sex toys to experience the unique sensations that temperature play can bring.

Teasing different body parts

Sex toys are tools designed to enhance sexual pleasure and assist in reaching orgasm. If you’re struggling on your way to orgasm, I recommend investing in a couple of sex toys, G-spot dildos and vibrators are good choices. These toys are scientifically designed to target your erogenous zones to provide constant stimulation and teasing, giving you intense sensations. And incorporating sex toys into your sex with your partner can also add new sensations to your experience, which can help you achieve fulfilling orgasms like you’ve never had before.

Establishing communication with your partner

I understand the shame of women who are always unable to tell their partner what they want in bed. But please understand one thing, communication is the key to sexual fulfillment in sex with your partner. Don’t be afraid to speak up about your needs and preferences, how will your partner satisfy you if you don’t. And you need to keep giving your partner feedback and guiding each other during intimacy.

Relax and Let Go

Stress and anxiety are both major factors that can prevent you from reaching orgasm. So before you begin you have to calm down and not start this intimate journey with expectations and goals. Create a private and quiet environment for your sex as much as possible. Also practice deep breathing or meditation techniques to help you relax, all you have to do is focus on the sensations in your body and immerse yourself in desire and pleasure.

Try different sex positions

Sometimes a little change can yield unexpected results. Missionary style is certainly a good choice, but other positions like doggie style or cowgirl style can also better stimulate your erogenous zones and increase your chances of orgasm. Find the position that works best for you. You can also experiment with props or furniture to enhance your experience. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun exploring new ways to reach orgasm.

Don’t skip foreplay.

Well, when it comes to sex, foreplay is very important. Take your time with kisses and massages to get you aroused. Don’t just focus on the obvious – explore those sexy zones like the neck, ears and inner thighs. Do things that get you in the mood, like watching sexy videos, reading sexy stories or sharing fantasies. The more excited you are before sex, the better your orgasm will be.

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