How To Ask For What You Want In Bed

When you are on the verge of reaching orgasm during sex and you are about to climax, but the other person suddenly stops stimulating, I believe that there is no situation more frustrating than this, and many people do not know how they should let the other person know their own desires and thoughts at this time, which is very detrimental to your sexual experience, and it’s important to learn to express what you want during sex. If you don’t know how to properly express your needs, it may lead to a decrease in sexual satisfaction between you, and if both long-term partners are not able to achieve sexual satisfaction, then there may be problems in your relationship, or even lead to the breakup of the relationship.

In this post, I’m going to take you through some communication tips so you can properly express what you want during sex. Avoid the frustration and disappointment that comes with not being able to reach orgasm or other situations.

Learn what you want.

To express your desire for sex and the pleasure you want to your partner, then first you need to know what you want? Many people lack masturbation or exploration of their bodies in general out of shame or shyness about sexual pleasure, which can prevent a person from fully understanding their body, let alone knowing their sensitive areas and sexual desires.

This leads them to believe that they don’t deserve sexual pleasure, and they are reluctant to ask their partner for it, leaving them in a state of self-doubt and unfulfillment. The truth is that everyone deserves sexual pleasure and only you know your body best, so masturbate boldly and communicate well with your body to get to know it better. When you know what your body wants, you will understand how to express your desires to your partner.

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Subtly Hint

If you are a very shy person and you think that expressing your sexual desires directly in words will make you feel very shy and feel pressurized, then using some subtle hints may be more suitable for you.

If you feel comfortable during sex, or if you like the position and frequency of your partner’s current position, you can let out a moan, or wiggle your hips, clench your vagina around your partner’s penis, and pander to your partner in a way that makes them feel your passion. Or when you think your partner is doing a good job, you can hold each other tightly, or gently tickle each other’s back, in such a way as to suggest to each other that you are enjoying this. Or wrap your legs around your partner’s hips and whisper, “Yes, right there!” Or “Yes, that’s nice” to show that you’re enjoying what’s happening.

Straight Up Ask or Write a Note

How To Ask For What You Want In Bed

Of course, the best way is still directly with each other what you want, but with the command may make each other feel resentment, you need to be a relatively gentle way to express their own desires.

For example, if you want the other person to give you a blowjob, you’d better not directly say “give me a blowjob”, you can say “I like the feeling of you taking my cock in your mouth, can you try again tonight?” This might be a more acceptable way of expressing yourself, or you can let your partner know how you feel by sending a text message or leaving a sexy note. Expressing it in a tone of voice that is more acceptable to the other person will not only reduce shame, but it can also make you and your partner feel more aroused by the idea of being turned on by each other.

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