Understanding The Role of Fatigue In Auto Accidents 

Many times, people ignore their health and tiredness, which contributes significantly to causing accidents. Fatigue is a factor that usually gets ignored, while other factors leading to accidents are considered. If you have not gotten enough sleep and are driving while half asleep, you are increasing your chances of getting into an accident. 

By moving in such states, you not only increase your chances of getting injured yourself but also pose significant risks to others. Hillsville is a town in Virginia that receives many accident cases that result from drowsy driving. If you get into an accident because of somebody else’s fault, you can contact an auto accident lawyer in Hillsville to protect your rights from exploitation. 

Let us look at how fatigue or drowsy driving contributes to causing accidents: 

  • Inadequate public transportation in Hillsville 

As there is insufficient public transportation in Hillsville, people are forced to drive their vehicles and cover long distances on their own. If they do so while getting an inadequate amount of sleep and not stopping in between to take breaks, they are increasing their chances of getting into an accident. You must get proper sleep if you have to cover long distances. Sleepiness can make it difficult to concentrate while driving. 

  • Falling asleep for a few minutes without realizing 

Drivers who cover long distances with inadequate sleep can fall asleep for a brief time without realizing that they have fallen asleep. It can be for seconds to a few minutes. Driving at high speed and taking microsleeps in between increases the chances of getting into an accident. Moreover, there is no specific time for these short sleeps; they can take place at any time, making it difficult even to do something about it. People should get proper sleep before driving or have someone to drive for them. 

  • Getting fatigued because of engaging in nighttime gatherings 

Many people attend different gatherings late at night. Hillsville boasts a vibrant nightlife, offering multiple entertainment industries. People can get tired from attending events or functions or other entertainment sources late at night. Driving in such a state is extremely risky. It can lead to fatigue and impair your ability to make sound judgments while being on the road. It is somewhat better not to drive at nighttime at all, especially in such states. 

Hire an injury lawyer in case of an accident! 

While precautions are necessary, sometimes unavoidable mishaps become inevitable. If you get into an accident and you are injured due to somebody else’s fault, reach out to a skilled lawyer. They can fight your case and make legal proceedings easier for you. 

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