How to Get Blue Essence in League of Legends

LOL Blue Essence is one of the main currencies in League of Legends. It’s used for rune pages, champions as well as other types of in-game items. Earning Blue Essence could not be simpler in League of Legends. All it takes is playing the game consistently. You can also increase the gaming experience by buy RP League of Legends.

Usually whenever you level up in League of Legends you will earn a Blue Essence reward for your hard work. But there is more than one way of obtaining LOL Blue Essence. Here are 6 ways of getting LOL BE:

  1. First Win of the Day Mission: This mission refreshes every 20 hours and grants a lot of League of Legends Blue Essence along with XP. You’ll get LOL BE as a reward if you win your first match made game of League of Legends. You can view the rewards obtained in your LoL account. There is no better way to earn BE than to just play the game regularly. 
  2. Event Missions: League of Legends usually has events that come with specific missions. By completing all these available missions in the game, you will gain LOL BE. as a reward. So, just keep informed about all the new events coming up and gather all the LOL Blue Essence. 
  3. Disenchanting Champion Shards: Champion shards obtained from level-up capsules or Hextech chests can be disenchanted into Blue Essence. While it might be tempting to hold onto these shards for champion discounts, disenchanting those for champions you don’t intend to play is an efficient way to increase your LoL BE pool. 
  4. Champion Capsules: Along the way, players will be rewarded with Champion Capsules. Inside, they will receive a couple of champions and some LOL BE., depending on the capsule’s size. 
  5. Selling Champion Shards: If you haven’t unlocked a permanent Champion Shard, they will be in your Loot as a Champion Shard. These shards can easily be sold for LOL BE. The amount of League of Legends Blue Essence you receive is dependent on the Champion’s price in the LoL store. 

Playing Different Game Modes: There are many types of game modes in League of Legends, each offering different opportunities to earn rewards. Rotating game modes and events like ARURF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire) or Nexus Blitz can offer unique missions and rewards that contribute to your LoL BE earnings. An honorable mention is the battle pass that is also a great way to get your hands on more LOL Blue Essence. But it will work only if you can grind out some levels in League.


Blue Essence is an integral currency in League of Legends used to unlock champions as well as other in-game items. Consistently playing the game is the key to earning BE. But you can also use other ways such as playing event missions, disenchanting champion shards, champion capsules and selling champion shards to earn LOL BE. By following these ways, you will get League of Legends Blue Essence in no time.

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