How to Have the Sex Toy Conversation with Your Partner

As we all know, sex toys can help us feel wonderful sexual pleasure and increase our passion during sex with our partners. Perhaps because of shyness or fear, many people are afraid to communicate with their partners about sex toys, and even if they want to use sex toys with their partners, they don’t dare to show it. But you need to understand that the use of sex toys is a very normal thing, as long as you use the right way to communicate with your partner, I believe that the other party can understand and accept.

Sex toys can bring a new sense of experience to sex, it can be vibration or stretching and other ways to achieve strong stimulation, which is difficult for people to achieve in sex. And for people who have difficulty reaching orgasm, sex toys can also help you experience the pleasure of orgasm.

Below I will teach you how to talk to your partner about sex toys in the right way and add sex toys to your sex life.

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Check the timing

Sex Toy

To make each other accept the use of sex toys in sex, then it is important to choose a suitable time. If you suddenly take out the sex toys to introduce to each other during sex, this may scare each other, so not only the other person can not accept sex toys, but also may affect your relationship. The right thing to do is to share your feelings about sex with your partner outside of sex, and then introduce the topic of sex toys, which will make the conversation smoother and more logical. If you and your partner don’t have conversations about sex, start the conversation by mentioning sex toys, without being too intentional, as a small thought. Or in the beginning and each other from some small sex toys such as penis rings or bullet vibrators, which are less intimidating sounding and more accessible. On the inyarose website you can pick up cock rings for sale or good looking rose toys, which are more novice friendly types of sex toys.

Be open to the exploration idea 

If you want to explore each other’s interests with your partner, then don’t avoid countering or interfering with the way the other person explores sex; it’s important to respect the other person’s opinion. Instead of making each other submissive, try exchanging how you feel about exploring sex with each other so that you can understand the differences in your ideas. This will allow you to more easily dive into the topic of sex toys, allowing you to naturally introduce them to each other, and you can show each other how you use them at this time while allowing each other to venture out and use them together. Once you are both comfortable with the sex toy, you can also work together to find other sex toys that are more suitable for each other.

Don’t apologize or criticize 

If you don’t want to get into a fight with your partner in a conversation, it’s best not to link your interest in sex toys to your dissatisfaction with your current sex life; such a conversation is akin to complaining about the other person’s inability to satisfy themselves sexually, which not only could erupt into an argument and take the focus off of each other’s conversations, but also doesn’t serve the purpose for which it was intended. But don’t feel apologetic or ashamed for using sex toys or wanting to bring them into your sex life – it’s not something that’s wrong or betraying the other person; rather, the matter is a way for you to pursue a better way of having sex together.

Don’t force it and be safe 

Before you start communicating with your partner, you need to accept the fact that the other person may refuse and make sure that you accept this decision. So after you have communicated with your partner, if they have indicated that they don’t want to use sex toys, then you can try to gently communicate with them and try to understand why the idea makes them uncomfortable. Address the other person’s concerns from where they are worried. When you choose a sex toy that works for you, you may be able to help each other put those concerns to rest.

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