The must pour in luxury of VERTU is the Meta Watch Black Diamond Smart Watch.

The bespoke VERTU’s Meta Watch Black Diamond Smart Watch is a phenomenal instance of acute innovation and style that combines technology with luxury in a brand new world of smart watches. The embodiment of modernity and splendor, this elegant watch has a slim design and many futuristic features. It’s not only a tool but also a symbol of wealth that transcends the usual notion about design and technology. Get one of the first pieces of this stunning tech now, and pre-order! This will allow you to own it right away.

A Masterpiece of Engineering: Movement of a Click.

Such as the Intelligent Movement in Black Diamond MetaWatch, that is based on the vision of precise timekeeping and reducing battery consumption. The one folding clasp is as you like it highly conformable and simple to be dressed and undressed.

A Work of Art: Saddle and Scales

The luxury smartwatches comes with its band and a tough carbon fiber and stainless steel build to give you durability, class, and elegance. The combined components of the customized FKM and imported calf straps are designed for both comfort and style, while the optional limited Qty crocodile leather strap adds an extra layer of luxury.

A Visual Feast: The screen is central to electronic products, and it is often the very first thing that consumers see and interact with.

The Meta Watch Black Diamond Smart Watch allows you to enjoy an appearance of exceptional attractiveness because of its 1. 85-inches protected glass with screen resolution of 320*386 pixels, offering crystal-clear and vibrant appearance. To reduce the mess to the minimum, this headset works through Bluetooth which has no presence of rope or cords, with a range up to 10m.

Built to Last: The memory will be long duration plus Water Resistant.

The 260mAh battery power from Meta Watch Black Diamond Smart Watch keeps you working fully charged while the IP68 water and dust protection standard provides your watch with maximum protection.

Technical Specifications:

Product Name: – VERTU’s WATCH H1 is a world-class watch featuring sophisticated operations for the customers –

Battery Capacity: 260mAh

Movement: Intelligent Movement

Clasp Style: Single-fold ‘wrap around’ clasp

Case Material: The elastic fiber and stainless steel spring joint materials will form a stressed system to lift the gate.

Watch Diameter: 46mm/43. 6mm

Strap Material: Types of FKM / Calfskin leather that is imported / Crocodile leather which is rare

Watch Thickness: 14. 3mm/13. 5mm

Screen Size: 1. 85 inches

Bluetooth Connection Distance: 10m

Screen Resolution: 320*386 pixels

Water and Dust Resistance: IP68.

Get to know the Luxury and Feel the Technologies at Their Best in their Anything.

The JOYUKO VERTU MetaWatch Black Diamond Smart Watch is the epitome of Luxury Smartwatch and breakthrough technology. Dazzled by distinct design style, high tech add-on and motion accuracy this watch is set to get glances. Customized order now, and get the real experience of luxury and technology.

Description: Richly blend up VERTU’s collection with METAWATCH BLACK DIAMOND SMART WATCH that ensures the ultimate luxury. Give us your pre-order now or you will miss the outstanding piece of the art which has been designed and crafted by using Intelligent Movement, a 1. The big screen size is one of the devices’ most prominent features, along with IP68-water resistance.

Short FAQ:

Q: Can you tell me how long this watch will last?

A: The clock has 260mAh of the battery that is capable of discharging many hours.

Q: Is the watch extended wear?

A: Yes, the water resistance IP68 and dust are all there. This means that the watch is completely safe from water and dust.

Q: What is the size of the display (especially compared to the standard screen size of watches nowadays)?

A: Two times businesses can take advantage of the super bowl is when they display their services and products during the program. An 85 inch screen with a pixel resolution of 320×386.

Q: Is it possible for me to make my watch Bluetooth compatible with my phone?

A: Of course the watch has the Bluetooth link range of up to 10 meters meaning that you have limited cable to use and still be connected.

Q: How is the material of the watch’s strap?

A: The watch case, made of carbon fiber and stainless steel, is of an excellent quality and strikes a balance between durability and luxury.

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